June 20, 2013

Community Futures Development Corporation of Chatham-Kent (CFDCCK) had its humble beginnings in 1986, when Chatham was designated as a Community Futures Program area.  The role of the Small Business Support Corporation was included under the auspices of the Community Futures Committee (CFC) and the organization was called the Business Development Corporation (BDC) with loans up to $75,000.

The CFC applied for funding for the Chatham Riverfront Development Project in 1988.  Over the next three years, a total of $4.6 million was provided for the redevelopment along the riverfront between Sixth Street and the Chatham Civic Centre.

Over the next 25 years, Community Futures Development Corporation of Chatham-Kent provided funding across the municipality, the impact of which can still be felt today.  This includes funding a feasibility study in 1993 regarding the establishing an ethanol plant in Chatham-Kent, which led to the construction of the Greenfield Ethanol Plant employing over 200 people.  A $50,000 grant in 2001 assisted with development of the J.W. Burgess Centre for Skills Training in Wallaceburg.  Funding to support ARTSpace in Historic Downtown Chatham provides a commercial venue for local artists to produce, show and sell their artwork.  In addition, CFDCCK has provided funding to local arts and cultural groups to support local activities.  In 2009, CFDCCK received $450,000 through the Community Adjustment Program to support initiatives across the municipality in a variety of sectors.  Currently, CFDCCK continues to work with Southern Ontario Fund for Innovation and Investment (SOFII) to support high-growth small to medium-sized enterprises.

Community Futures Development Corporation of Chatham-Kent looks forward to the bright future which the next 25 years have to offer.

CFDCCK Staff:  L to R – Tanya Houston, Ontario Self-Employment Development Coordinator, Monica Bacic, Community Economic Development Coordinator, Diane Caughy, Office Administrator, Carol Emery, Executive Director

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