Community Futures Logo English2

The Ontario Association for Community Futures Development Corporations Inc. (OACFDC) today announced it has changed its operating name to Community Futures Ontario.  The name change highlights the strength of this national program which is being delivered by 268 Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) offices for more than 30 years. 


"Nationally we are seeing a shift spearheaded by provincial Community Futures  Associations working with their offices to adopt a standardized brand,” said Diana Jedig, Executive Director of Community Futures Ontario. “This includes a new look and logo as well as standardized naming convention.”


The initiative was led by the Community Futures Ontario’s Public Relations Committee which recognized that 97% of all Ontario offices were displaying the common identifier “triangle” logo but that only 44% of offices used the words “Community Futures” in their names.  Research conducted at the end of 2015 demonstrated that members recognized that having a standardized name format and look would allow for improved brand recognition marketing of the program and their services.  Several other CFDC offices have already changed over to the new format and more are currently in the process.


Jedig continued, “The key to the Community Futures program has always been its grassroots focus. The commitment of the staff and volunteers at our 60 offices, who work with and for the entrepreneurs and communities they serve, proves that the Community Futures Program remains relevant and beneficial to Ontario’s economy.”


During the 2015/16 fiscal year, the 60 Ontario CFDC offices counselled over 5000 clients, distributed $69.3 million in loans which influences more than 5,700 jobs. CFDCs work towards creating and maintaining jobs in rural Canada by fostering economic growth and stability and helping to create diversified and competitive local economies.