October 21, 2002

Measurements International Ltd. (MIL) opened in June 1987 with three employees and unable to acquire financing.  They now employ 24 and are an internationally recognized Corporation.

Measurements International Ltd. manufactures high-quality test and measuring instruments for the metrology and power industries.  This is a specialized field of high precision electrical and temperature metrology.  The company has grown into one of the industry’s premier companies providing new, innovative standards technology.  It has successfully delivered automated “turn-key” systems to every national laboratory responsible for maintaining reference values for temperature, resistance, voltage, power and current to the best obtainable accuracy.

In 1991, Grenville Community Futures Development Corporation (GCFDC) assisted in financing the development of a new product line, which has evolved and is today their largest revenue source.

In 2001 GCFDC again assisted MIL with another project, this time to assist in construction and expansion of their premises to 10,000 square feet.  This resulted in an additional 2 employees.

In April 2002, MIL received the Partnership Award of Merit for their exporting achievements with the Eastern Region Ontario Global Traders Awards, recognizing the marketing partnership between Measurements International and Isothermal Technology in Merseyside, England.  The company has also established marketing partnerships with two other firms in the United States and in Switzerland.  They currently perform 98 per cent of their business overseas.  Their growth strategy involves increasing the company’s marketing partnerships and expanding the product line around the world.  They plan to advance to the Global Traders provincial finals in 2003.

GCFDC and the community is proud of Measurements International Ltd.  As stated by Bob Runciman, Leeds-Grenville MPP and the Minister of Economic Development and Trade, “They deserve applause for taking risks, for creating new jobs, and helping to sustain the economic lifeblood of communities throughout Ontario.”

Duane Brown, President
Measurements International Ltd. 
118 Pirelli Drive
Prescott, Ontario K0E 1T0
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Mike O’Keefe, Business Development Officer
Grenville Community Futures Development Corporation
197 Water Street, Suite 405, Box 309
Prescott, Ontario K0E 1T0
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