Kevin Bossy and Mike Roberts of Bishop Water Technologies, of Renfrew, nominated by the Renfrew County CFDC, were the winners of the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


Bishop Water Technologies


Bishop Water Technologies is a leader in clean-tech waste management specializing in sludge and slurry management for municipalities and industries including food production, pulp and paper, mining and agriculture and aquaculture.

Change is constant and with today's technology change is happening more rapidly than ever; however this has not been the case with the wastewater industry. Controlling the power of water is a daunting task, but that’s exactly what Bishop Water Technologies is doing using Geotube technology.

The ability of Bishop Water Technologies to modify the waste treatment flow within an existing footprint rather than the need for a new facility allows municipality or the business to achieve higher levels of treatment at a lower cost.

Photo (by Kimberley Pirie-Milko):  Bishop Water Technologies received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award at the recent Community Futures Ontario Conference.  On hand for the awards ceremonies were Mike Thompson, Diane McKinnon of the Renfrew County CFDC; Kevin Bossy and Mike Roberts of Bishop Water Technologies; Paul Curtic and Darrel Ryan of the Renfrew County CFDC. 

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