November 28, 2011

Enterprise Brant (a Community Futures Development Corporation), Brantford

In 1996, Enterprise Brant (CFDC) began working to improve post-secondary educational outcomes in Brantford and Brant.  This led to the creation of a private university business plan and proposal to Waterloo’s Wilfrid Laurier University. 

The Laurier Brantford Campus opened in September 1999 with 39 students in the Carnegie building.  It has now grown to more than 2700 students in several buildings.

The volunteers at Enterprise Brant were key to raising the $2 million dollars needed, and the CFDC provided funding for the Grand Valley Educational Society to get started.  “We’re told the campus would not be here today if Enterprise Brant was not in the community and able to ‘steer the boat’,” says Manager Cindy Swanson.

Colleen Miller of the CFDC Board of Directors took the lead and was the main cheerleader.  When asked what she was thinking at the ribbon cutting, she replied, “Hurray!”