Meet our Customer Service Rep:  Andre Marchand was surprised when he heard that some Community Futures Development Corporations “eat” the loss if loan clients die and their estates can’t pay back the loan.  He feels strongly that loan insurance should be in place, not only to protect the CFDC’s investment, but also to give the family of the loan client peace of mind.  Andre is with Desjardins Financial Security, and looks after the Inclusive Loan Insurance Program within the CFDC network.  (Desjardins Financial Security also supplies the OACFDC’s life and health benefits, handled by Sharon Wilson of Comprehensive Benefits Solutions.)  Andre has been in the insurance industry for 16 years, the last seven with Desjardins.  Based on feedback from CFDCs in August 2005, Andre and a Desjardins working group set up the Inclusive Loan Insurance Program.  “I heard from the CFDCs that most had small staffs, and often they didn’t have time to set up insurance on each loan individually,”  Andre explains.  In addition, to comply with insurance regulations, someone offering insurance has to be trained.  With personnel changes, it was difficult to keep up the training and still be cost effective.  “We came up with Plan B:  making the insurance part of the loan itself,” Andre says.  “The loan is automatically covered, lightening the CFDC’s workload.”  Inclusive Loan Insurance automatically covers all the loans offered, and the CFDC remits their premium monthly.  At present, there are almost 30 Ontario CFDCs taking part in the program, along with many others in B.C., Saskatchewan and Quebec.  Andre and Desjardins have been generous sponsors of the OACFDC’s annual conference.  Andre lives in Quebec City with his wife and two wonderful children.  An avid golfer and skier, he makes the most of both the summer and winter seasons.  If any CFDC would like further information on the program, contact Andre at 1-877-355-2835 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Watch for features on different Customer Services Reps from the various organizations, with which the OACFDC does business in upcoming issues of "The Update".

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