Rick Floyd, the Regional Manager for Partnerships and Alliances in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, looks after the Partnership Agreement between the Ontario CFDCs and the Business Development Bank (BDC).  Currently in Ontario, 37 of the 61 CFDCs are now in partnership with BDC, while across Canada 200 of the 269 CFDCs/CBDCs/SADCs have joined.  Rick’s role is to encourage interaction between the BDC branches and CFDC offices across Ontario.  In order for people to partner together and to refer business to each other, they have to get acquainted and be familiar with the products and services each has to offer.  In this regard, CFDC offices can expect to have more contact with local BDC employees over the coming months.  “This is an important partnership for BDC and the business community, and we want to ensure that the Bank is doing its part to see that it succeeds.” Rick says.  Another of Rick’s roles is to answer any questions about the partnership and to identify opportunities for BDC and the CFDCs to co-sponsor events that will enhance the profile of the two organizations within local business communities.  Small Business Week is fast approaching and in order to assist CFDCs in promoting events, Rick can add it the Small Business Week Events calendar on the BDC website.  Once again this year, the CF Pan Canadian Group is a National Partner of Small Business Week and will be identified on all of the BDC SBW marketing material, both print and electronic.  Rick has been working in the Financial Services sector for over 35 years, and has been with BDC for 28 years.  He has been with the CFDC Partnership since its inception in March 2004.  Contact Rick at 1-902-426-9636 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to find out your local BDC contact, or discuss partnerships on events such as business dinners, workshops, AGMs, or any other matter.  This is the fourth in our series on Customer Services Reps from different organizations, with which the OACFDC does business.  Watch for more in upcoming issues of "The Update".

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