As an extension of the Small Business Internship Program (SBIP), the OACFDC will be delivering a new Industry Canada initiative called Career Focus.  Much like SBIP, Career Focus provides funding for employers to hire an intern for a period of 420 hours to complete on an e-commerce project.  The business is subsidized 75% of eligible costs, which include the students’ salary and any Mandatory Employment Related Costs.  The important difference is that students hired under Career Focus must be a recent post-secondary graduate.  Career Focus is designed to help post-secondary graduates obtain career-related work opportunities, improve their skills, help them make career-related links to the job market, and to assist them in becoming leaders in their field.  If you know of any businesses that would be interested in pursuing this opportunity, please direct them to the Stephanie Long, Project Coordinator SBIP/Career Focus at the OACFDC office 1-888-633-2326 ext 22 or visit our website

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