Each year, following the Annual General Meeting, OACFDC Members are invited to take part in a Conversation Café, where a question is posed and answers are brain-stormed.  This year’s question was, “Given the new dynamics of the Community Futures Program, how have you adapted?”  The following is a quick summary of the findings:  Technology - use of ipads for Board packages, video-conferencing for meetings and new revenue stream, marketing through social media, new website – portal with all communities; Staffing - reducing CED staff or sharing CED person with other CFDCs,  cross training of staff for succession purposes, loss of good staff to organizations that can pay more, simplifying processes to free up staff time, reduce lines of business and focus on business development, hiring staff on contracts, filling positions at low end of salary scale; New Revenue Streams - ownership of building/renting space and equipment or shared space with partners, referral fees – BDC and CYBF, OSEB delivery fees, charge loan application fees and CED project service fees; Partnerships - municipal funding of operations, new micro-loan products with partner organizationsn Chamber of Commerce, MTCU Innovation Center.

If you have any questions about items you have read in this update or any other OACFDC activities, please feel free to call our office at 888-633-2326