November 19, 2004

The Lake of the Woods Business Incentive Corporation is excited to launch a new organizational structure, following the Board’s completion of an operational review this fall.  Spring of 2005 will bring a new look to LOWBIC, including a full-time Executive Director and three Community Development Consultants.  The focus of LOWBIC will continue to be providing access to capital development, promoting economic development in the Northwestern Ontario region, as well as encouraging tourism and marketing opportunities.  With a team-based structure, Community Development Consultants will each bring to the group dynamic specialized skills in either financial management, tourism and marketing or economic development.  Another strongly supported recommendation of the operational review adopted by the LOWBIC Board, explores the relocation of Special Events and Attractions in other community-based partnerships.  The Board fully supports the continued success of this essential service and will work closely with city officials, business representatives and community members, to develop the most effective and efficient delivery of this important service.  “We think this work is valuable for the City,” says Dean Carrie, the current Chair of the LOWBIC Board, “And we will encourage the City to continue providing it.”  Other future changes to LOWBIC include a reduction in the member of Board Directors from 16 to 12, and the dissolution of the four main standing committees (economic development, loans, tourism/marketing, and special events/attractions), with the goal here being an increase in proficiency.  The LOWBIC Board anticipates the transition into the new organizational structure will be complete by the Annual General Meeting held this coming April 2005.  For more information, please contact:  Dean Carrie, the current Chair of the LOWBIC Board at 468-7751 local 237.