June 30, 2004 - Bancroft Times

A youth program wrapped up on June 26, with encouraging words being spoken by the Executive Director, and with a big ‘ol piece of cake.
Business Builders is a program offered to young people by Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC).  It aims at teaching kids valuable business practices, ethics, and requires them to put together a business plan.
The kids who took part this year attended five sessions, each held on Saturdays.  They were taught to create a binding contract, handle different situations professionally, and how to develop business relationships within the community.
“We’re here to celebrate what these guys have learned while with us.  They worked really hard and have come up with some great ideas that will make them entrepreneurs in our community,” said CFDC Youth Program Co-ordinator Kevin Taylor.
Best friends who attended the program together decided that they would go into a joint venture with their business called M&A Puppets.  They create and design different types of animal puppets.  They also put together "puppets kits" that allow the purchaser to put a puppet of their own together; all materials are provided.
Other business ideas included Sara’s Personality Bracelets, CCC Chantal’s Creative Crafts, custom crafts and baby-sitting.  These are just a few of the ideas that the participants came up with.
CFDC held the final session and graduation at the Bird’s Creek Community Centre on June 26.
All the students had the opportunity to tell friends and family about the ideas they developed, and also showed off some of their new-found knowledge by playing a friendly game of Business Builders Jeopardy.  Two teams were given categories such as Johnny Appleseed, Global Knowledge, Random Facts, Starting Up, and Bits and Bites.  Each team was then asked to answer the question of choice.
Students also performed skits that sent a message out about safety.  One of the skits acted out how you should never answer the door to strangers and another showed how to counteract people who are trying to abduct you.
The "diplomas" were then handed out by Bruce Walker, Chair of CFDC.  He expressed how proud he was that the students participated in and completed the course.  “I want to congratulate you on what you’ve achieved and what you’re going to achieve.  I hope you are proud of your certificates because we are proud of you.  You get a start here and now it’s up to you to follow through on your ideas,” he said.