May 26, 2004 - Tweed News 

“If you love the Municipality of Tweed and you have ideas about future directions for our community, we need your input”, said Rev. Bill Perry, Spokesperson for the Tweed and Area Strategic Planning Committee.  “Everyone is invited to Hungerford Hall, May 26th, at 7:00 p.m. to help determine directions for the future of the Municipality of Tweed.”
With the cooperation of the Tweed Chamber of Commerce, businesses were surveyed, and ideas collected in November and December of 2003. With the cooperation of the municipal government and Chamber of Commerce, residents had an opportunity to share their ideas about the future of Tweed and area in March.  All that information has been drawn together, reviewed, and will be made public on May 26th.
The Strategic Planning Committee is made up of Tweed volunteers, who have established a plan of work to undertake the process and provide as many opportunities as possible for community involvement.  Members of the committee are:  Rev. William Perry; Deputy Reeve Stan Meeks; Evan Morton; Jennifer Logan; David Cronhielm; Jeremy McQuigge; Maril Swan; and Community Futures Manager, Bob Cloes.
Community Strategic Planning is a dynamic process of change management, based on the principle that people should control and determine their own lives as much as possible,” said Bob Cloes, drawing on his experience in strategic planning.  “Everyone is invited to be involved.  Community Futures will provide the technical expertise, but the citizens of the Municipality of Tweed are the real experts in this process.  You know Tweed, you have dreams for your future and your children’s future – we need your input to help establish directions for the future that will help Tweed realize its potential.”
Community Futures Development Corporation of North and Central Hastings and South Algonquin is funded through Industry Canada and has more than $2.14 million invested in Central Hastings businesses.  Community Futures is governed by a local Board of Directors mandated to undertake business investment, community strategic planning and change management.
Community Strategic Planning is a practical means of fostering community economic development, that has a significant impact on how levels of government are approaching the concept of community sustainability”, said Mr. Cloes.  “It presents an exciting opportunity for Tweed to take responsibility for its own future and demonstrate a shared sense of purpose.”
Mr. Cloes added, “Implementation of a Strategic Plan has the power to create jobs, stimulate economic growth, improve quality of life and revitalize the downtown.”
May 26th, at 7 p.m., in Hungerford Hall, Tweed’s Future begins in earnest.