March 30, 2004
- For Immediate Release - (March 29, 2004)

The SD&G Community Futures Development Corporation is pleased to announce that Derrick Moodie has been appointed to the position of Executive Director for a one year term, starting April 1, 2004.  Derrick will be replacing James dePater, who will be taking a one year leave of absence to focus on managing the Community Ventures Capital Fund - an equity financing vehicle that was started by James and the SD&G CFDC in 1999, and now covers the United Counties of SD&G, Prescott-Russell, Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Counties.  Derrick has been with the SD&G CFDC since June, 2002, filling the role of Economic Development Officer.  James has provided leadership in economic development since he joined the United Counties of SD&G in 1994, and amalgamated with SD&G CFDC in 1997.  Derrick is looking forward to filling the large boots that will be left by dePater:  "There are some challenges facing us in the next year; as our economy adjusts to changes in the business cycle, I am sure there will be times when we will be tapping James on the shoulder for some of his insight and experience." stated Derrick.  SD&G CFDC Chair Charles Sangster said that, "the board has been pleased with Derrick’s performance to date, and we are confident that he will be able hit the ground running in his new role."
The SD&G CFDC provides economic development services, small business financing and counselling, business to business linkages, and government liaison services to the businesses and entrepreneurs in the SD&G and Cornwall Region.  The SD&G CFDC is funded through a partnership with Industry Canada and the United Counties of SD&G.  For further information on the organization and the services it provides, please call:  (613) 932-4333 or check:

The Community Ventures Capital Fund (CVCF) was established by the SD&G CFDC in 1999, and provides growth and venture financing through debt and equity investment.  The CVCF now serves most of eastern Ontario, where it has been a catalyst of growth and development.