February 14, 2004

By Tammy Wilson - The Bancroft Times (February 12, 2004)

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has announced that communities in the Quinte, Kingston and Rideau areas will receive grants totaling $620,000.  One of the organizations that is on the list of those who will benefit from the grants, is Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) in Bancroft.
CFDC will receive $24,600 over one year to open a youth centre, which will offer social and recreational programs to Bancroft area youth. “According to the kids, they are very anxious to have a place to go that is just for them,” said Bob Cloes, General Manager at CFDC.
Last year, CFDC was working with Students Making A Difference (SMAD), who were all very excited at the possibility of bringing a youth centre to town; CFDC helped the group apply for the grant around this time last year.
One of the biggest hurdles facing the development centre is getting insurance on a youth facility.  There is no location for the place yet, but Cloes said that the ideal place for it would be near the high school.  “Transportation is a problem.  Our young people are dependent on the bus systems and we want to keep it close to them.”
The centre would include programs like peer tutoring, workshops on subjects of interest and the potential of having entertainment.  “Right now, we’re looking for volunteers and people wanting to help make this happen.  We’re going to apply for a Youth Coordinator - we’d like to get some additional funding to help with that.  We’re very excited that Trillium has seen fit to give us the grant and we’re looking forward to cooperation from the community to make this a reality,” said Cloes.  For those who are interested in volunteering some of their time to the youth centre, call CFDC at 332-5564 or stop by the office at 26 Chemaushgon Rd.