Rachel Forth of the Toronto 2015 PanAm Games Committee is seeking Ontario businesses to supply unique products or services as athletes and sport tourists come to Ontario for this big event.  She sends the following information:  please encourage any businesses to visit the website at: www.toronto2015.org.  If there is a business that would like to be a supplier to the Games/TO2015, then any procurement opportunity over $10,000 is issued via a Request For Proposals (RFP).  We encourage any business to sign up through our leads database on our website so we can contact them if an RFP is released in their realm of expertise or business.  The way they can do this is on www.toronto2015.org under the Get Involved tab → under Business Opportunities → and at the bottom of the page there is a form they fill out and it places them in our database for future opportunities.  It is very simple and doesn’t take long.  There is no confirmation of their enrollment, but they will be in our system after the form is submitted.  All of our open tenders are posted on MERX, which is also directly located under our business opportunities page on our website-- businesses have the opportunity to search and view our tender opportunities.

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