Buy Social Canada Summit: Exploring the Future of Social Procurement

The Buy Social Canada Summit will be held on Nov, 27-28 in Gatineau

All are welcome to join community, government and private sector participants in exploring the future of social procurement - from designing policy, to implementation and unto evaluation… 

We will be using actual case studies of models of social purchasing and Community Benefit Agreements as the basis for learning as we explore the barriers, opportunities, and the future of leveraging a social value from existing purchasing!

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What is Social Procurement?

Social procurement occurs in many formats and models, but most commonly it is achieved through adding a social value component to purchasing and procurement criteria and including a community benefit agreement within major development and infrastructure investments.

Very often social procurement is accomplished through ensuring social enterprises are embedded into existing supply chains. Social enterprises are businesses that prioritize a social, environmental or cultural impact, and the majority of profits are reinvested in the social goals.

Social procurement doesn’t negate the need for competitive pricing, quality of service and goods, and environmental issues; it merely adds another value lens into the purchasing consideration.

Social procurement is emerging as a tool for government, private sector and non-profits to leverage their existing purchasing into an added value outcome. They are moving their purchasing from being a simple business transaction to being a means to contribute to building a healthy community.

With this increased ‘demand’ for goods and services with a social value consideration, social enterprises are expanding and increasing their social impact. One key outcome we’re experiencing across Canada is that many more people with barriers are being employed by social enterprises. That means we are intentionally directing our purchasing to address issues of poverty, homelessness, and social isolation.

The summit will bring together a collection of purchasers from government and business and representatives of social enterprise suppliers to engage in a full day of discovering their common goals, identifying barriers and seeking solutions that will contribute to the future of social purchasing.

For more information on registration and accommodations please go here.